31 October 2011

In The Land of Nod

A brief recapitulation of a year's photography at Weir Farm, home of American Impressionist J. Alden Weir.

08 June 2011


Another short video in my flower series. Note in particular the complex, intricate coloring of the center of the blossom.

25 May 2011

Bell Flowers

This short video was photographed with my new Nikon D3100 SLR. The sound was recorded with a Zoom H2 in four channel surround mode. Unfortunately, the sound is available only in stereo here.

The D3100 is now my camera of choice for stills (film is hard to get and even harder to have processed for my old Nikon F and F2). As you will see, the compactness and light weight of the D3100 make it a serious alternative for video photography as well.

21 May 2011

The Battle of Groton Heights

About three years ago I made this video as part of a series on my family's history. The visual work is sometimes awkward and experimental, it contains one of my early uses of CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery), but the story is a factual recount of one of the last battles of the American Revolution, one of the more significant events in 18th Century Connecticut history.

The contemporary photography shows the battle locations as they are today. The CGI attempts to show some of these locations as they would have been in 1781, helping the viewer understand better the circumstances of the battle.

The Battle of Groton Heights
6 September 1781
Groton, Connecticut

18 May 2011

House Without Walls

Photographed at

Philip Johnson Glass House
New Canaan
2009 - 2010

Untitled 2008




Sitting on a Stone Wall

Photographed at Weir Farm National Historical Site
Wilton, Connecticut

Music by Suzanne Teng from her album Enchanted Wind